Digigraphie Certified Printer

Limited, Certified Edition Fine Art Prints

Highest Quality And Exceptional Durability

All Prints Embossed With The Digigraphie Seal

Epson For Fine Art Printing

All Prints Accompanied By A Certificate Of Guarantee

Digigraphie has been developed by Epson for Fine Art Printing, used by Artists, Photographers and Galleries to produce limited, certified editions of their artwork.


At DigiCreatiV, we are authorised to produce Digigraphie prints which are certified as being printed to the very highest standards with rigorous 3rd party auditing of the colour management aspect to ensure quality and consistency.

We produce your prints to the highest quality and exceptional durability ensuring maximum longevity. We use a combination of:

  • Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Printer
  • A range of approved materials called ‘Signature Worthy Papers’ (tested for quality and longevity)
  • Proper colour calibration processes using a spectroproofer and specialist software
  • 10 colour UltraChrome series inks.

Our Signature Worthy papers include:

  • Hahnemühle Torchon 285gsm
  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm
  • Epson Water Resistant Matt Canvas
  • Somerset Velvet Paper for Epson 255gsm

Each of your prints are embossed with the Digigraphie seal and accompanied by a certificate of guarantee. Digigraphie Prints are part of a limited edition and must be signed and numbered by the artist.

You also have the opportunity to register your print and place an image on the Digigraphie website for others to see.

Your original print file is stored at DigiCreatiV, this will be permanently deleted once the edition is complete.

We can set up your artwork for a fee of €40.00, this involves us scanning your artwork through a proper colour calibrated workflow. We will also send you a proof sample print before printing the finished product. Please contact us to arrange setting up to artwork.

If you wish to send in your image ready to be printed, you can upload your image, email your image, post your image or upload multiple images via wetransfer.com, this is a free service, just enter DigiCreatiV’s email address info@digicreativ.ie.


Digigraphie Print Pricelist
Print Size Digigraphie Print Giclee Print
20x25cm (8×10 inch) €16.00 €8.00
15x30cm (6×12 inch) €16.00 €8.00
21x30cm (8×12 inch) A4 €18.00 €10.00
20x40cm (8×16 inch) €21.00 €12.00
30x30cm (12×12 inch) €22.00 €13.00
25x38cm (10×15 inch) €25.00 €15.00
30x42cm (12×16 inch) A3 €30.00 €18.00
30x45cm (12×18 inch) €33.00 €20.00
30x60cm (12×24 inch) €48.00 €32.00
40x50cm (16×20 inch) €48.00 €32.00
42x60cm (16×24 inch) A2 €52.00 €38.00
50x50cm (20×20 inch) €55.00 €40.00
40x80cm (16×32 inch) €60.00 €45.00
50x76cm (20×30 inch) €75.00 €55.00
59x84cm (23×33 inch) A1 €105.00 €80.00
91x101cm (36×40 inch) €170.00 €135.00
84x119cm (33×47 inch) A0 €190.00 €150.00
100x141cm (40×56 inch) B0 €230.00 €190.00

*Prices are for print only