Giclée Prints

Making Fine Art Prints From Digital Sources

Inkjet Printing

We Can Print From Your Scanned Originals, Digital Camera Images, Digital Artwork And Illustrations

Professional Fade Resistant Epson Inks

On Best Quality Hahnemühle, Epson & Fujifilm Paper

Fully Archival Prints

Scanning Your Artwork Through A Proper Colour Calibration Workflow

Giclée originating from the French word “to squirt”, is the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing.


We use Giclée printing to reproduce your artwork and photographs to your specifications. We can print from your scanned originals, digital camera images, digital artwork and illustrations.

We use professional fade resistant Epson inks which are UV stable ensuring your prints lasts for 60 years +.

Your images are printed onto and a range of high quality papers resulting in beautiful, fully archival prints with incredibly fine detail.

Our papers are the highest quality available and are supplied from Hahnemühle, Epson and Fujifilm. We offer:

  • Hahnemühle Torchon 285gsm
  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm
  • Epson Water Resistant Matt Canvas
  • Somerset Velvet Paper for Epson 255gsm
  • Fujifilm Photo Paper Satin
  • Fujifilm Photo Paper Pearl

We can set up your artwork for a fee of €40.00, this involves us scanning your artwork through a proper colour calibrated workflow. We also will send you a proof sample print before printing the finished product. Please contact us to arrange setting up to artwork.

If you wish to send in your image ready to be printed, you can upload your image, email your image, post your image or upload multiple via, this is a free service, just enter DigiCreatiV’s email address


Giclee Print Pricelist
Print Size Digigraphie Print Giclee Print
20x25cm (8×10 inch) €16.00 €8.00
15x30cm (6×12 inch) €16.00 €8.00
21x30cm (8×12 inch) A4 €18.00 €10.00
20x40cm (8×16 inch) €21.00 €12.00
30x30cm (12×12 inch) €22.00 €13.00
25x38cm (10×15 inch) €25.00 €15.00
30x42cm (12×16 inch) A3 €30.00 €18.00
30x45cm (12×18 inch) €33.00 €20.00
30x60cm (12×24 inch) €48.00 €32.00
40x50cm (16×20 inch) €48.00 €32.00
42x60cm (16×24 inch) A2 €52.00 €38.00
50x50cm (20×20 inch) €55.00 €40.00
40x80cm (16×32 inch) €60.00 €45.00
50x76cm (20×30 inch) €75.00 €55.00
59x84cm (23×33 inch) A1 €105.00 €80.00
91x101cm (36×40 inch) €170.00 €135.00
84x119cm (33×47 inch) A0 €190.00 €150.00
100x141cm (40×56 inch) B0 €230.00 €190.00

*Prices are for print only