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More About The Acrylic Wall Print
Available in 4 sizes, Our acrylic printing service allows you to print your photo onto satin photo paper, this is then reverse mounted onto 5mm acrylic/Perspex. Satin chrome wall fixings are added to the corners to give the impression the print is floating off the wall. The acrylic gives your pictures a high gloss sheen with depth as the photo seems to be floating inside the Perspex.
How To Get Best Quality Prints
  • Images should be a minimum of 300 pixels per inch. We recommend the highest resolution for the best results
  • Images should be in a high quality JPEG or TIFF format (TIFF files should not contain any layers or alpha channels)
  • Files should in RGB mode (not Greyscale, CMYK or Lab)

If in doubt about image quality, please send us your image via (add as recipient)

How To Upload Image(s)

If you place the order on our website, our image upload feature, will allow you to upload up to 40 images.
Please note: you can only upload image(s) AFTER checkout.

Alternatively, you can send us multiple digital files via (use as recipient)

How To Send Physical Products

If you have a painting or physical photo you need printed, please post it to: Digicreativ, Green Rd, Cairns Hill, Sligo, F91 EE05



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